The age of stupid

На фокус

A film that has changed me completely; I started to live differently since I watched ‘The Age of Stupid’; After watching this movie I have only cold showers.

These are just some of the people’s comments after watching The Age of Stupid with the nominated for an Oscar for In the Name of the Father, Pete Postlethwaite. The above three sentences may have misled you in a way, so let me clarify, this is not a film with a religious purpose, seeking to involve you to a particular sect. The Age of Stupid is very a cleverly made documentary. It elegantly asks probably the most important question at the moment, are we going all together to the abyss and what are we doing when there is no turning back?

Pete Postlethwaite’s character of is one of the few survivors in the future in which the nature has destroyed all man-made. He has set himself the task of creating a video archive of mankind. During his work he never stops asking the question – „Why didn’t we stop all this when we had the chance?“ In the eyes of the protagonist pass six different stories of people from 2008, who in one or another way cause or suffer from the consumption of natural resources. Each of the stories in The Age of Stupid shows that in 2008, people see the disaster we are heading for, but do nothing to stop and run faster to the moment of no return.

The Age of Stupid is a must see movie. The Age of Stupid is a clever film that leaves to the viewer the ability to judge what is good and what is not, served in a fun and entertaining way which will not get you tired until you are watching it.